Private Equity Cybersecurity Services

Artemis provides specialized services to Private Equity. Your firm doesn’t have trading risk, it has portfolio risk – which can be significant.

Beyond the general risks from close involvement in specific companies, your portfolio managers can have liabilities with respect to cybersecurity and their board positions. Let Artemis help you devise a cybersecurity strategy not just for your firm, but for your portfolio companies as well. Our systemic approach to portfolio company risk will help you develop a baseline cybersecurity picture of your firms and appraise the board of weak points that must be addressed. Your investors expect you to manage risk and to maximize returns. Let Artemis provide you with the intelligence you need to allocate resources and manpower to secure your entire portfolio of companies. Your investors are demanding it.

The increased regulatory scrutiny after 2012 for Private Equity firms will only continue to grow as the SEC delves further into IT programs and Cybersecurity. You may have legacy IT programs, services, or vendors that have been adequate but fall down in the face of increased scrutiny. Your in-house applications or LP distribution portals are ripe targets for hackers. What can you do?

Let Artemis’s bespoke PE services devise a program for your firm that addresses your evolving business, regulatory, and legal risks. Our understanding of the PE business model, the SEC’s agenda, and end-to-end IT Security implementations will help your firm get on the right track with a program designed to work today and to grow with you in the future.

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Board of Directors Training

The board members of your portfolio companies have direct risk attributable to cybersecurity and oversight. Yet most meetings barely even touch on the subject. Artemis’s custom-developed training for Boards and Managers will bring cybersecurity into the realm of understanding and approachability.

Boards of Directors have responsibility for understanding IT and Cybersecurity risks according to the SEC.

Make sure your advisers aren’t falling down. Let Artemis provide the training that you need to understand the IT security issues of your underlying companies. Training is customized and includes PCI DSS coverage, as well as HIPAA/HITECH compliance issues, if necessary. Artemis also specializes in training for firms with Industrial Control System (ICS) considerations. Board members need to be fluent in the vocabulary and versant in the risks to protect themselves, their firm, and their investors from potential breach liabilities. Artemis provides the tool set you need for board-level cybersecurity awareness.

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SEC Exam Preparation

The Open-Source Intelligence Review Progam, HumanReview, scans, maps, and reports on the information that is already online about your firm and its key members.

Scanning the Surface web is just the beginning. HumanReview dives beyond standard searches and queries to uncover and report on activity and information in the Deep web and Dark web. Know what’s out there already and what the bad guys will try to use against your firm today with HumanReview.

The SEC has made it clear that future examinations will include IT-competent regulators.

But you might still be waiting for your first exam. Or maybe you’ve received your letter and aren’t sure how best to prepare your team. Do your partners understand the regulatory guidance and initiatives? Do executives clearly understand their role in the compliance process? Has your training effectively covered the pain points such as fee and expense calculation, cybersecurity, and compliance integration? Forewarned is Forearmed. Let Artemis prepare you for your next exam, be it at some point in the future or next week.

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