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Title: Vulnerability Scanning

By: Tim Villano & Lyman Terni
Date Published: 02/27/16
Description: Learn how a vulnerability management program and regular vulnerability scanning and testing can strengthen your compliance program.

Title: Updating NIST CSF Concepts

By: Tim Villano & Lyman Terni
Date Published: 08/17/15
Description: Learn about the NIST CSF and and its applicability in the Financial Services industry as well as its acceptance from experts, institutional investors and regulators.

Title: Flash Point Arrives for Law Firms

By: Tim Villano
Date Published: 04/10/15
Description: The legal industry is not immune to cybersecurity threats. Read Tim Villano’s white paper to learn what threats are facing firms today and how they can begin to mitigate cyber risk.

Title: The Sony Breach

By: Tim Villano
Date Published: 03/31/15
Description: The Sony breach had far-reaching implications for all industries, including those in the financial services space. Read this brief paper to learn the lessons from this high-profile breach.

Title: Private Sector Information Sharing

By: Tim Villano & Lyman Terni
Date Published: 02/17/15
Description: Executive Order 13691 to promote information sharing in the private sector has implications for members of the financial services sector. This white paper delves into aspects of the E.O. that should be considered.

Title: The SEC’s Cybersecurity Sweep – 5 Statistical Observations

By: Tim Villano & Lyman Terni
Date Published: 02/09/15
Description: Tim Villano and Lyman Terni discuss the results from the SEC’s first cybersecurity sweep and offer five observations that could impact firms undergoing an exam.

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