Cybersecurity Training For Your Employees – 5 Must Dos

Training your employees to be cyberaware and cybersecure January’s initial flurry of activity is winding down, and you are likely beginning to think about your annual compliance review, including mandatory compliance training. At this time last year, we were eagerly awaiting the results of the SEC’s First Cybersecurity Sweep. The 2015 Exam [...]

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Identifying Vulnerabilities: A Key Step in Securing Your Program

Vulnerability Scanning, The SEC, and You: The First Step in Securing your Network Introduction In the last several years, the speak coming from regulators, customers, and vendors has all been centered on cybersecurity: what it is and how to have “good cybersecurity” or how to be “cybersecure”. By this point, we all realize [...]

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Evolving Cybersecurity Controls for 2016

Thinking out of the Box with WARP: (Whitelisting, App Blocking, Red Teams, and Pentesting) Many businesses across highly regulated industries, like investment advisers and broker dealers, are thinking in terms of "How do we check the Cybersecurity box?" Federal- and Agency-Level regulatory initiatives, as discussed in our last post of 2015, have [...]

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